Textured and Patterned Acrylic Sheet

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  • Acrylite Crystal Ice Clear Acrylic

    Acrylite Crystal Ice Clear Acrylic

    Available in 4 shades

    ACRYLITE® Crystal Ice acrylic sheet has a substantially textured, frosted surface that diffuses light to enhance your design options and backlit applications. Its cool frosted surface resists fingerprints and is easy to clean. ACRYLITE® Crystal Ice sheet, with its crystal clear edge, has the appearance of etched glass. Available in size 49” x 97” and thicknesses: .118” .177” .236” .354”. Colors: Colorless, glass green, blue, 2 shades of white, and black. Frosted surface available on one side (SC) or both sides (DC). More»

  • Non Glare Acrylic Sheet

    Non Glare Acrylic Sheet

    Available in 1 shades

    Non-glare acrylic known most commonly as Acrylite P-99 was designed for reducing glare and reflection when viewing framed artwork and prints. Acrylite P-99 finish is available on standard acrylic as well as UV filtering acrylic also known as Acrylite OP-3. More»

  • Patterned Acrylic

    Patterned Acrylic

    Available in 2 shades

    to be deleted More»

  • Acrylite Satin Ice Acrylic Sheet

    Acrylite Satin Ice Acrylic Sheet

    Available in 8 shades

    ACRYLITE® Satin Ice acrylic sheet has a frosted appearance throughout the entire sheet straight to the edge that offers excellent light diffusion for indoor or outdoor lit displays, panels and store fixtures. Its surface hides fingerprints and scratches for enhanced service life.Sizes: 49” x 97” and special order 73” x 97”, Thicknesses: .060” to .354”, plus .472” in white and frosted, Colors: Frosted, white, dark blue, medium blue, light blue, light grey, glass green & black. More»